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Founded in 2015, Dining Butler was established by few business partners.
They believe creativity takes courage.

Lui ChuianFeng (CF)

CF is the founder of Dining Butler Limited and responsible for setting the overall direction and product development strategy for the company. He leads the design of Dining Butler's product segment research, development and deployment.

Prior to Dining Butler, CF had 16 years of internet strategic planning and deploying customized web IT solutions for public listed companies and SMEs.

Today, CF enjoys his current challenge - Dining Butler, with a vision to be found in all F&B outlets.

Liren Neo
Co-founder (Human Capital)

Liren co-founded Dining Butler. She believes that people are the key assets to an organization and are advocates for both the company and the people who work in the company.

Throughout her entrepreneurial years, Liren has learned, unlearned and relearned to apply strong soft skills and effective communication skills in her business development.

With this, she brings about the need for employee oriented workplaces and programs that meet the needs of employees for meaningful work, challenges, communication, and effective leadership to the company growth.

Yeo Zhi Xiong
Co-founder, Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Zhi Xiong worked with CF to build the first Dining Butler prototype, and later moved to head the deployment department.

Currently, Zhi Xiong oversees and sets the firm's deployment business operations from SOP to technical infrastructure direction.

Before joining Dining Butler, Zhi Xiong was in IT project implementation for 10 years, helping SMEs, MNCs and numerous Singapore government bodies enhance their IT infrastructure and deployment. Notable government agencies he has worked with include the Ministry of Defense, Infocomm Development Authority, Accountant General's Department, Singapore Sports Council and Changi Airport Group.

Choo Beng Kai
Co-founder, Director of Global Strategy

Beng Kai is the head of global strategy where he leads Dining Butler in its worldwide expansion portfolio.

Having served on the board of several Australian listed companies in the energy industry, Beng Kai provides Dining Butler the necessary experience to propel into APAC markets. He is also the chairperson and head for several business associations.

James Lai
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

James is the CEO of Dining Butler. He is responsible for developing and executing the company’s business plan and long-term strategy with a view to creating shareholder value. He is charged with developing a high performance and dynamic management team, forming regional marketing strategies and penetrating new markets for the Country teams across Asia.

He is a graduate in Special Accounting (BSc. Honours) from the University of Hull, England, and has 27 years of varied experience in accounting & finance, corporate & private banking, and management of regional operations. James has worked overseas in the UK, Singapore and Malaysia, with Ernst & Young, PriceWaterhouse and Citigroup, in various regional positions covering Asia. Previously, he was in the management team of PKT Logistics Group, a progressive large Malaysian fully-integrated logistics company.

Shirlyn Lim
Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

Shirlyn is a Chartered Accountant under the ACCA. She founded a professional firm in Penang, Malaysia and sits as the managing director.

She also heads Dining Butler’s Country President of APAC region where she leads the team in execution of global strategy.

In the year 2013, She served as President of JCI United. Under the Malaysian women’s weekly, Shirlyn was awarded as Great Women of Our Time 2014.

Throughout her entrepreneurship, Shirlyn has applied strong influencing power and management in her business when dealing with human relations, as she believes it’s the people that matters.

Carl Thong

Carl serves on the board of Dining Butler and is responsible for defining strategies and planning.

Carl is often engaged as a strategy consultant by MNCs, NGOs and government organizations to drive strategic business initiatives. He is a director for Church World Service and Family First Asia. Carl holds a master of arts in theology from the University of Northwestern – St. Paul and is completing his doctorate in strategic leadership at Corban University.

As an entrepreneur, Carl founded the Sunstone Group, a diversified holding company.