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Our modules

The list below showed all the modules offering at Dining Butler. Please feel free to contact us if you have any enquiry.

User interface ordering

a. customer module

Dining Butler customer module is a revolutionary mobile ordering platform. Many F&B outlets customers around the world access Dining Butler from a range of mobile devices, tablets to desktop/ laptops on varying networks. In many areas, F&B outlets faces many manpower issues. The customer module was built for these situations, giving people a reliable ordering experience when manpower bandwidth is at a minimum. It includes Dining Butler core experiences like location detector, menu browsing, mobile payment, food customisation, sharing table orders, payment for self/friends and more. To ensure the reviews are authentic, you can only add to places/dishes you have experienced. Diners can now tips any staff directly and the tips goes straight to the staff personal account (Coming Soon).

Payment gateway

The payment gateway provides ease of payment and allow you to capture your customers’ happening online, and in app, in your world.

This product supports the cashless society and provides customers one-click and recurring payments in-app, ensuring a frictionless payment experience for returning customers.

Dining Butler Point of Sale (POS)

Point of Sale (POS) are the heart and soul of a F&B. Imagine your POS being available at any devices you wish.

In addition to the standard POS features such as orders, bills, reservations and table management, Dining Butler POS allows F&B to connect with the Dining Butler community. When a customer comes and order at your F&B outlet, their basic approved details will be shown in the F&B outlet POS, giving the opportunities to provide better bespoke service, even if they are just coming for the first time.

completed features :

  • Place order
  • Table management
  • Bills
  • Reservation
  • End of day closing
  • Float balance tracking
kitchen fifo management and interaction
  • kitchen management module

    Manage the information that have been sent to the kitchen via the ordering system with ease. View as per table, or via a consolidated order list view for ease of preparation. A timer system acts as a reminder to the chefs for food preparation. Chefs are able to interact with front counter, and to the customer's order via the kitchen screen. Better still, the tip you gave to them would be reflected on the screen too.

  • kitchen printer system

    Not every kitchen are suitable for a display system. In oily and hot kitchens, a printer system is better recommended.

completed features :

  • Viewing of total orders
  • Displaying of user name on order list
  • Managing order list via page
  • Consolidate order list via items
  • Ability to inform customer food is prepared
  • Updating of food status on waiter screen
waiter screen interaction

When the kitchen has finished preparing the dish, the chef can notify the front end waiter with just a click of the button. Waiter screen will show the ready, not yet ready, and delivered item status.

completed features :

  • Ability to view ready food items
  • Update of food items status
backend system
  1. Customer relationship manager (CRM)

    Whether broadcasting promotions, updates, or special news for a quick one time off dinner promotion, target marketing via Dining Butler CRM is one of the most engaging and immersive ways to share with your customers. More people than ever before are acceptive to promotions via mobile than they care about the mainstream media.

    • Short message service (SMS)
    • Electronic direct mailer (EDM)
    • Push notifications
  2. Food item management

    With the food item management at your disposal, you can add, edit your menu prices as and when you wish. No more worries of mishandling or misprint of physical menus shall you need to add or change any items.

  3. F&B outlet management

    F&B outlet management give F&B owner a space to control their operations easily. Settings such as operating hours, payment details, user account roles can be customized for each individual F&B outlet. Within a F&B outlet, owners have the full flexibility of viewing real time status or past operation history.

  4. Customer preference
  5. Report (Mobile Ordering Report, Customer Report)
  6. Reservations

completed features :

  • Dashboard
  • Management
  • Reports (All sort by date, type, user group, items, categories)
  • Marketing (Filtered by groups, individuals, age, spending, categories, items, food prefernces, allergies)
  • Support ticketing system
  • Outlet settings
  • Printer settings
  • Customized GST, CESS, service charge, etc calculation settings