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Shortage of Manpower? High Staff Wage? Costly and Complicated POS? Ordering Errors?

What if... Your customers’ phone is the solution!

The time has arrived for food serving establishment to set up inner networks for customers via mobile phone applications. Most consumers are now using apps to order food online; in fact 72 per cent of consumers order food online via a mobile device.

Attractive Packages
minimum hardware cost
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Attractive Packages

*Starts in October 2017 #to be confirmed
minimum hardware cost

Low setup cost, access Oredy across all devices
Worry no more!

All you need is a tablet !

* Hardware package may vary
* All pictures shown are for illustration purpose only
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You can update your menu instantly.

  • Real-time updates
  • 24/7 instant publishing
  • No need for physical menus
  • Easy to use, intuitive